Edit Control


About Edit Control


A rectangle box that allow users to enter and edit text.


The edit control has many styles, which can be used together.When you call createctrl to create an edit control, you must specify the combination of styles that defines the appearance and features of an edit control.


In general, there are two types of edit controls.One is Single Line edit control, and the other one is Multiple Line edit control.By default, edit controls are single line edit control.You can create a multiple line edit control by using ES_MULTILINE flag.


An edit control can also determine how the text is displayed.The ES_LOWERCASE style will cause the edit controlís text appears in lowercase.The ES_UPPERCASE style will cause the edit controlís text appears in uppercase.


The text alignment can be adjusted with ES_LEFT, ES_CENTER, and ES_RIGHT.To avoid showing sensitive text in the edit box, ES_PASSWORD style will turn every character into an asterisk character.


In most cases, programmers donít know how long the text will be displayed through the edit control.ES_AUTOVSCROLL will automatically scroll text vertically, and ES_AUTOHSCROLL will automatically scroll text horizontally if necessary.


By default, the edit control has no border around the text.If WS_BORDER style is not specified as part of the combination of styles, you will not notice the edit control until text is displayed through the control.


Using Edit Control


createctrl(string strCtrl, string strName, int nStyle, int nExStyle, int xpos, int ypos, int width, int height, int nID)


Example 1: Simply create an edit control



"EDIT", †††† /* Predefined Control */

"", †††† †††† /* No Window Title */


0, †††† †††† /* No Ex Styles */

50,30,100,20,†††† /*Control Size */

601 †††† †††† /* Edit Control ID */



Example 2: Cut, Paste, Clear, Undo with an edit control


/*Interface Control -- Window */


#define†††† WS_CHILD††††† †††† 0x40000000†††

/*Specifies a child window. This should not be changed after the window is created.*/

#define†††† WS_VISIBLE††† †††† 0x10000000†††

/*Specifies a window that is initially visible. This style can be turned on and off to change window visibility.*/

#define†††† WS_BORDER†††† †††† †††† 0x00800000†††

/*draw a border around the control*/


#define WM_CUT†††††††††††††††††††††††† 0x0300

#define WM_COPY††††††††††††††††††††††† 0x0301

#define WM_PASTE†††††††††††††††††††††† 0x0302

#define WM_CLEAR†††††††††††††††††††††† 0x0303

#define WM_UNDO††††††††††††††††††††††† 0x0304


#define PM_COMMAND 8


/* custom define values */

#define ED_TEST_ID600

#define BTN_UNDO_ID†† †††† 601

#define BTN_COPY_ID†† †††† 602

#define BTN_PASTE_ID†††† 603

#define BTN_CLEAR_ID†††† 604





int ev; int gui_msg;


createctrl("EDIT","",WS_BORDER|WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE,0,50,30,100,20, ED_TEST_ID);

createctrl("BUTTON","Undo",WS_VISIBLE|WS_CHILD|WS_BORDER,0,50,75,100,20, BTN_UNDO_ID);

createctrl("BUTTON","Copy",WS_VISIBLE|WS_CHILD|WS_BORDER,0,50,100,100,20, BTN_COPY_ID);

createctrl("BUTTON","Paste",WS_VISIBLE|WS_CHILD|WS_BORDER,0,50,125,100,20, BTN_PASTE_ID);

createctrl("BUTTON","Clear",WS_VISIBLE|WS_CHILD|WS_BORDER,0,50,150,100,20, BTN_CLEAR_ID);




ev = event(0);

switch (ev){



†††† gui_msg = guiid();






††††††††† †††† case BTN_COPY_ID:

††††††††† †††† †††† sendmsg(ED_TEST_ID,WM_COPY,0,0);

††††††††† †††† †††† break;

††††††††† †††† case BTN_PASTE_ID:

††††††††† †††† †††† sendmsg(ED_TEST_ID,WM_PASTE,0,0);

††††††††† †††† †††† break;

††††††††† †††† case BTN_CLEAR_ID:

††††††††† †††† †††† sendmsg(ED_TEST_ID,WM_CLEAR,0,0);

††††††††† †††† †††† break;

†††† };


†††† break;





Edit Control Reference


ES_AUTOHSCROLL††† 0x0080††††† /*Automatically scrolls text to the right by 10 characters when the user types a character at the end of the line. When the user presses the enter key, the control scrolls all text back to position zero.*/


ES_AUTOVSCROLL††† ††††† 0x0040††††† /*Scrolls text up one page when the user presses the ENTER key on the last line.*/


ES_CENTER†† ††††† 0x0001††††† /*Centers text in a multiline edit control.*/


ES_LEFT†††† ††††† 0x0000††††† /*Left-aligns text.*/


ES_LOWERCASE††††† ††††† 0x0010††††† /*Converts all characters to

lowercase as they are typed into the edit control.*/


ES_MULTILINE††††† ††††† 0x0004††††† /*Designates a multiline edit control. The default is a single-line edit control.*/


ES_NOHIDESEL††††† ††††† 0x0100††††† /*Negates the default behavior for an edit control. The default behavior hides the selection when the control loses the input focus and inverts the selection when the control receives the input focus. If you specify ES_NOHIDESEL, the selected text is inverted, even if the control does not have the focus.*/


ES_NUMBER†† ††††† 0x2000††††† /*Allows only digits to be typed into the edit control.*/


ES_OEMCONVERT†††† ††††† 0x0400††††† /*Converts text typed in the edit control from the Windows character set to the OEM character set, and then converts it back to the Windows set. This style is most useful for edit controls that contain file names.*/


ES_PASSWORD ††††† 0x0020††††† /*Displays an asterisk (*) for each character typed into the edit control. You can use the EM_SETPASSWORDCHAR message to change the character that is displayed.*/


ES_READONLY ††††† 0x0800††††† /*Prevents the user from typing or editing text in the edit control.*/


ES_RIGHT††† ††††† 0x0002††††† /*Right-aligns text in a multiline edit control.*/


ES_UPPERCASE††††† ††††† 0x0008††††† /*Converts all characters to uppercase as they are typed into the edit control.*/


ES_WANTRETURN†††† ††††† 0x1000††††† /*Specifies that a carriage return be inserted when the user presses the ENTER key while typing text into a multiline edit control in a dialog box. If you do not specify this style, pressing the ENTER key has the same effect as pressing the dialog box's default push button. This style has no effect on a single-line edit control.*/