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PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2002 10:03 pm
by Serge

My name is Serge

I am beginner in Palm programming with C. Could you recommend me some
documentation or books which step by step explain me all necessary
information to become advanced programmer for Palm OS programming with C? I bought a few books, but one is just for beginners and gives simple C for Palm programming without deep explanation of basic knowledge and another staff like how to write a programs using color palette, how include color bitmap in your program, music, complex sounds etc. Other books just explain how to work with CodWarrior and nothing more.Many programmers offer their own libraries for different purpose as controls, color pallets etc. I have to understand, why my PocketCDesktop Edition for PalmOS doesn't accept <PalmOS.h> and so on. I need to understand how it works. It will be kind of you if you provide me with such information. It is very difficult to find a right information especially if you are new in this area.

Thank you in advance