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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 12:55 pm
by sergeypo
Can anyone give an advice where to look information -- I want to access hardware devices from PockeC code. I realize that MSDN (I am on PocketPC) has answers but the size of the download... What I am looking for are fairly simple stuff, e.g.:

- read state of serial port pin
- get access to internal ADC somehow, which can be on sound input or somewhere else...

The idea is to use minimum external hardware to turn PDA into simple electric measurment instrument, namely just by connecting wires (and maybe some simplistic resistor attenuators) or Voltage-to-frequency transducers to serial or to mic input or to PCMCIA relevant input. This of course will not be a precise instrument, just an indicator.

What do you think?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2002 7:28 am
by jasman
I've just been doing the same thing (kinda'!).

My brief was to read data from two resistance strain gauge units and six pressure sensors into a Palm and calculate (in real time) loads (using the strain data) and aerofoil lift coefficients (using the pressure tappings).

There is an A/D converter (eight analogue channels, one frequency channel) available designed SPECIFICALLY for the Palm - the plans, PocketC source code and firmware (makes use of a PIC microcontroller) are all open source items.

Check out;

Alternatively, I found a guy who modified an 'off the shelf' unit (Dataq DI-194) to run from a Palm who also offers the PocketC source code (based on the MELD source code, above);

I believe you can buy the unit as an "evaluation kit" from Dataq in the US for about $25 (but they don't offer it in Europe as it's not CE marked - grrrrrrrr!)

Hope some of this helps,


PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2002 2:07 pm
by guy
From the point of view of accessing the hardware of a PocketPC, you should have a look at the Windows CE API serial communications functions and the multimedia wave in functions. You can watch and play with the pins on the serial interface with no problem.

The free CEAPI interface for PocketC gives access to many functions in the Windows CE API including the serial comms functions. I haven't got round to doing the multimedia-in functions (did the out ones though).

The download is very small, particularly if you just download the cab file for your device (350k to 400k depending on device type). Since eMbedded Visual Tools is about 300M plus up to 70M for each SDK, you have a download of less than one thousandth of the size. And you can call the functions directly from PocketC.

PocketC CE API interface:
PCForm and CE API forum: