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Postby rayburn on Fri Jul 18, 2003 8:23 pm

I'll check it out...

Oh, and by the way... Does anyone know of a program that could block reverse-engineering of pocketC apps? or maybe does someone have a project in mind of an app that could block reverse-engineering?
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Postby lquintal on Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:59 am

I released two main versions of my "flagship" application (P-Lotto for PalmOS):

The first one used databases to store dates and then compare with current date. This was ok for the serious user (those who actually want to pay for using a software), but it was not difficult to hack and most users are not "serious" :(.

In the second version I think I have achieved a reasonable solution: using RPN STRINGS as -very well- described at Handango (and used also by other sites like PDASSI), then coding it in C for Orbforms and JCODE for PalmGear. It works quite well. Of course I prefer JCODE over RPN STRINGS for its freedom of implementation/coding.

I have a DEMO version with some features locked. You can still try the program and then if you register you receive a "unique" registration code and unlock the same program (no need for another installation). If you beam a copy of the registered version to another device it will not work because username is usually different.

Of course it is possible to discover the algorithm I used and produce a key generator...but it will require some examination of the internal code of the application.

Check my program at: http://members.netmadeira.com/lquintal/

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