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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2003 10:50 pm
by jmarta1
I am trying to send data by IR from a PALM to a microcontroller using a Belkin RS232-IR adapter named Smart Beam (on the micro side), it means that I am not able to use the Belkin drivers, I have to "talk" to the adapter directly from the microcontroller. It does not work just sending and receiving data to the RS232-IR adapter from the micro side.
I have read the site, Belkin and some others but it is not clear yet.

What I think is I have to know what protocol Belkin is using.
If I use the PC drivers it is able to detect the PALM or my cell phone, so I am sure it works.
I have send data from PALM to PALM without problem but practicing
with the PC-RS232 port(without drivers) connected to the IR adapter I am not able to send or receive any data to PALM. Belkin adapter needs some initializacion or special protocol that I do not know.(usually included on the drivers).
I have tryied with the adaptor working with the Sharp ASK protocol(changing internal jumper), I got some comunication on one way only but never got the data I sent, for instance I got all the bytes as F0, or FE does not matter what was the data sent.

Does anyone knows what is the Belkin protocol (or any other brand adapter). If you know any site that may help me please let me know.

Thank you