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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2003 6:54 pm
by jmarta1
I need InfraRed communication from one palm to another palm, if I only use the functions that OrbWorks has (open, sendb, close, settings, ...) the success if limited, some times it tx/rx data and some times does not or corrupted, for instance, for some reason that I do not understand if I wait for the palms to turn off itself the behaviour is different and some times it works.
I have used Palm M100, Zire M150 & Clie SJ22.
I have been reading on and they show some examples that call functions that OrbWorks does not have so I need some #includes like the "SerialMgr.h", "ExgMgr.h", etc.

Does someone has an idea where to find the "SerialMgr.h" and other includes ? :?:

Any web link, tip or suggestion will be welcome.

Thank you. :oops: