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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 6:02 pm
by Mikael
Does anyone know of any issues surrounding PocketC, PilotDB or PToolbox with regard to the Treo 650. I have a customer who can't get my app to run. He says that he has it installed on the extension card and that whenever he tries to run it, he gets a message which reads something like: "Not enough telefon storage avalable to start the
application from the card." (translated from German).

This baffles me and after countless searches and visits to the PalmOne Support pages, we are still no nearer a solution. I explained to him that if by telephone card he means his SIM card then this definitely doesn't sound right.

I also explained to him that with NVFS (Non Volatile File System) on the treo, the app should be copied to the RAM (about 10Mb) during runtime. I can't see what this would have to do with the SIM card. Anyway I've read about the bloating problem on the 650, where PalmOne estimate that a 33% increase occurs when transferring files from an older device without NVFS, due to the data being stored in 512 bit chunks on the 650, regardless of record size - this apparently affects databases worse - and some customers have reported that files which required 132Kb on a non NVFS device now take up 859Kb on the 650. My maths is terrible, but I think this is an increase of somewhere in the 645% range. Which if used as a yardstick for my app which is about 1.4Mb, everything included, means his memory would be all used up.

The app is composed of a .prc written using PDE and PToolbox and is 1.03Mb in size together with 3 separate PilotDb databases which are 10.1Kb, 196Kb and 201Kb respectively. The .prc also contains a hell of alot of resources, which apparently also cause problems on the 650.

My feeling is that the large DBs are causing him to run out of memory. I assume - I asked him but he didn't answer - that the demo version worked fine, so the problem must be to do with the size. He says that after freeing up some memory, he has 4.8Mb in the Treo listing and 9.1Mb according the Filz tool - whatever that is. I suggested he try the updater for the 650, but he told me it is only valid for 'US communication environments".

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Sorry about the long post, I didn't want to leave out any details.

Thanks in advance,