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Postby Vigon on Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:53 pm

Sorry Dewey, I know you ask yourself it many times..
Usually I use PocketC to solve some professional matters.
But really I enjoy programing a device I can carry anywhere.
Will be nice to iniciate a Discussion of "How to make PocketC more popular"... events...contests...hardware related development... etc...
How to iniciate or atract people with diferent interests:
Students, proffesionals, hobbyst...etc
-Web pages with resources clasified by area of interest?
-A very serious and complete tutorial covering and teaching good coding practices.
-A new book about PocketC, lots of resources, examples etc...
-Some product strategic planing (marketing):
-Port PocketC to other OS?
-Promote resources for specific areas of interest:
IDE (Diego Calp did a great Job with VisualForms but there isn't enought users to justify the support).For those not attached to PocketC like me, OrbForms is the solution.
Games (Joseph Stadolnik, Great job and support).
Communications protocols (Modbus,Terminal emulation etc...).
Hardware development related.
Signal processing (Filters,fft...)
Math (graphing lines, surfaces...)
There are many other good resources contributions...

Well,my feeling is that I'm in a shrinking community, and I want
to do something about it.
I'm not considering myself an active member anyway, I use to come and go to the forum depending on my dedication to coding (more lattely).
I see a strong support of PocketC (Thanks again Dewey) but I don't see
a community backing the effort.
Ok, thanks all,
back to work in my PocketC code...
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Postby mark krebs on Sun Nov 27, 2005 11:05 am

I used PocketC sometime ago to program my Vadem Clio. Liked it for the low barrier to entry. Now have switched to Palm, and am considering it again. The spinup to get going on the palm platform seems large (using the nominal tools, I couldn't get the simplest app to build in a weekend's messing agound)

So, I hope to use this, as a hobbyist, to get started at least.


mark krebs
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Postby Aqua32 on Mon Jan 09, 2006 11:18 pm

That's simple.. The more accessible your product is, the more people will want to shell out thier money for it.

1) With that said, it's my opinion that "prc will only run on an emulator" is not the best incentive. IMO "prc compiled with an unregistered version will show a dialog box during prc startup (or exit)" would work a lot better.

How about limiting the functions available to the unregistered user? like no Draw or UIGadget, etc.. This might prove frustrating to the user but not discourage them completely.. After all, what do people want to do with thier PocketC? Make applications for thier Palm, not an emulated Palm..

Imagine the guy that develops an application with PocketC and IS able to use it on his Palm.. He makes a website with all these great freeware apps for the Palm and *every single user* that uses his application will see that it was made with PocketC "Made With PocketC Architect, visit for more info". That, my friend, is WAY better advertising than anything else.. And its free.

2) Freeware apps. The Shareware market for Palm sotware seems to be thriving while the Freeware arena seems totally lacking.. Theres just slim pickins out there. Freeware authors (of which there seems to be few) need to simply state that they were made with PocketC. This would most likely give a somewhat significant boost to PocketC's popularity.

3) Open Source. Open source has always been a good medium to tout a compilers abilities & raise its popularity. Look at VB - way too expensive for the normal user yet it's a very popular language. So much example code you just don't know what to do with it all. Same with C/C++.. Easily accessible and plenty of open source projects & examples on the internet.


And thats my 9/10 cent worth :-)
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