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Postby kc0nvi on Sat Oct 22, 2005 2:44 pm

Hi Everyone, :)

New to the waters, and have just a few questions...
Having programmed a few smaller applications using another programming language (I'll not say which, out of respect for the forum).

However, recently what I wanted to accomplish, I've since learned that the software will not support it, nor does it support windows version of palm, thereby limiting my market to that of only palm OS users.

In order to be more competitive in the market, it would seem logical to be able to market to both if at all possible, without having to mortage the farm.
This brings me to my question;

I am used to programming in a visual format, and yet would like to market to both OS's, and I'm uncertain as to which of the products would be the best suited for this and not be at a large learning curve.

I don't know if the Desktop edition of PocketC would be best or the new OrbsForms. Not sure which I would need to be able to produce applications that I could in turn sell, can I sell apps created using thte personal editions legally?

Appreiate the feedback. Feel free to email direct.[url=""]Send Direct[/url]
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Thanks in advance,

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Postby mgreen on Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:40 am

Can you be a little clearer about what platforms you want to support? Are you talking about supporting both the Palm OS and Windows CE or what? Currently, OrbsForms and PocketC both support only the Palm OS. OrbForms allows you to easily design screen layouts visually and develop complex and richly featured programs. PocketC is more limited in how you design screen layouts, but does have some visual design tools (like Pocket VisualForms used with Pocket Toolbox or CControls), If you are going to develop strictly on a desktop PC, I'd go with OrbForms. If you need to do some maintenance on the Palm itself, you'd have to use PocketC. You can't sell applications created with the personal edition. If money is an issue, I'd go with Palm Pascal which is harder to use, free, and very fast, but both PocketC and OrbForms are very inexpensive, powerful, and do much of the work for you.

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Postby dlinder on Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:31 pm


I am very new to this environment as well. I am also very used to developing in a visual format.

I was going to go with PocketC because I had read a book "Palm Programming for the Absolute Beginner", and it seemed fairly straight forward. I was still a little nervous about the how all the graphical elements tied in.

When I came to the site I saw OrbForms and figured that was my best bet.

I had a little trouble getting started, but it was my ignorance of "C", not a problem with the product. I have found OrbForms to be very well put together and very easy to use.

I have not seen anything that says it works for Windows CE, so I'm figuring it doesn't. If you want that, you'll probably have to go with PocketC.

Try the demo. It gave me a great feeling about what was involved. I think all their products are reasoably priced, and the response from both the company and the boards has been great.

I tried a couple of other products (different languages). The others were a little easier for me because I was more familiar with the language, but the runtimes were a couple of megs. While I haven't tried a lot, I think OrbForms is the best overall (and the cheapest by far).


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