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Postby webmasterpdx on Tue Mar 13, 2007 12:57 pm

I just bought Pocket Architect, as I couldn't justify buying the forms product and the architect seemed like the best "in between product" whereby I could develop GUI and C based applications on the palm. Now, the issue I've run into is that each application has to have it's bitmaps, etc, all put into a resource database. I do not want to have to develop on the PC at all for this. This must be self contained. I have a research process that I follow, which is to play around with algorithms on a programmable calculator and then after that to go to C with gnuplot. now, I want to move that C with gnuplot to the palm and just use pocketC Architect. I have ICOEdit and a bunch of other apps. How does one create icons and other bitmaps ON THE PALM and save them as a resource .prc file that can be opened and accessed?

Can we convert .bmp files to .pdb files and then include the .bmp files into a .c file and build it like we would on a PC?????? Will that work????

Any suggestions?

I like the PocketC architecture so far, and I've been able to create an application, but I found out pretty quickly that I cannot reuse an icon that is already in use by another application. e.g. I put the binary for the sample Simple_Calc on the palm and stored the source files in .pdb files. Likewise I stored the ORBCRes.prc (or whatever the name was) file on the palm. I wan unable to build and run the source code until I deleted the Simple_calc binary as it was using the same resource file.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Remember, I wish to contain all development within the palm itself.
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Postby dewey on Sun Mar 18, 2007 3:13 am

As you have noticed, we don't provide any image editors. However, the compiler imports standard bitmaps and icons, so any external editor that creates Palm resources will work.

Regarding your last point, the resource file can be used by any number of source code files. The resources are read only at compile time - after compiling, the resource is never used again. Thus, there architecturally can't be a problem sharing resources.

Without a little more context, I can't tell what is really happening on your device.
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