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Postby funkar on Sat Jun 23, 2001 7:44 am

Lemme introduce myself first, My Name is Shoaib Cheema, I m a new and almost beginner in PDA world but doing software development / project management from last 4-5 yrs.

Well, i have a task to do which I have never done before and that is to synchronize a database (Ms Access or Ms SQL Server) lying in PocketPC(WinCE) with a Database(Ms SQL Server) on a dedicated hosted Server.
We have a website where our users logs in and saves their daily routine data, now my company wants that the same users could access that data right in their PocketPc while they are offline. This will only be possible when our user will click on any link of Synchronize while he is connected to the internet and link is under his logged in area. Now i have downloaded Ms Visual Embeded Toolkit of Visual Basic for WinCE development, i also have downloaded SQL Server 2000 for WinCE but i don't know how to start with it.
I knew that i have to make a custom database in Access or Sql Server(if Supported by WinCE) for PocketPc and then i have to make an interface between Front end (Some Specific Forms for User input and out put) and Back end (Access or Sql Server) and after doing all i have to make a button from where user can Sync/update his data from server to PocketPc and PocketPc to Server.
The Main Aim of doing so is to give the latest updated data to user on palm top and update the offline saved data in PocketPc to Sever.
I hope u got my point what i am trying to do, and i need somebody to help me out by telling that from where i should start and which tools i should use to make this WinCE based Database application.

I will be highly thankful to any body for his kind guidance.

Best Regards,
Shoaib Cheema.
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