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Postby chrisnuke on Fri Jul 20, 2001 8:02 pm

I have noticed that after compiling an application and running it, that when I select exit on the file bar using the default menu (not cmdbar) that the system seems to "hang" until the screen is tapped. This also occurs with items I add to the menu. What is the work-around for this... and How do you move the cmdbar to the bottom of the screen on my Pocket PC - It runs at the top right now...
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Postby guy on Thu Aug 16, 2001 6:51 pm

The double tap thing may be a bug. I fixed a related problem with handling the cmdbar menus, but I haven't come across it with the normal PocketC menu.

To get the menu at the bottom you have to compile with PocketC V3. V2 omits the function that returns the device type, so the code has to default to the top.

If you look at the source for cmdbar (in the PocketC folder, you should be able to see how to force the bar to the bottom. This would look odd on HPC and PPC machines though. Only PocketC V3 has the function that you can call at runtime to work out whether the device is a PPC or a PocketC.

HPC is easy, the screen is wider than it is high.


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