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Postby chrisnuke on Tue Oct 09, 2001 7:25 pm

My applet is getting quite large and I am having trouble with the time to load, save, etc. Obviously I could break this large program into alot of little applets, Is there anything else I could do to speed this up? Now over 4000 lines of code and only 10% done. You may have seen this "work under progress" it is ME Tools (available for free at Handango), but it is becoming so slow to do programming that I am getting frustrated. Any suggestions?
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Postby guy on Mon Oct 15, 2001 10:36 am

Load save in PCForm got really slow with the V3 runtime. I'm doing some more work on the API library and the next version of PCForm now uses direct API calls for a number of functions. I'll look into direct API calls for the file operations.

In addition I'm looking at ways to save the source in multiple files, perhaps one per form. This would mean that PCForm doesn't have to parse the code for a form until the first time you switch to editing it. This wouldn't make it any faster to load in total, but would distribute the time. Also if you only wanted to edit one form then it would only have to open the source file for that form.

Until then you could always break out the user functions section of the code into a separate source file and just have a #include for it in the PCForm user functions section. The same for the globals and declarations.

The other thing I could look at is saving the internal data in a snapshot format. Whilst you are editing PCForm keeps all the control info in memory, and the source code for events in an indexed temporary file. It should be possible to dump the internal data and rename the temporary file, then next time you want to edit it could reload tthe data and copy the source straight to the temporary file.

I'll look into everything that I can do to speed things up. The file operations could make a substantial improvement. Watch this space...

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