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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2001 4:43 am
by Discostew
1) PocketC applet compilation to machine code. Because of the interpreter, the applets are constantly checked for errors which makes it slow (I think). In fact, I'd say to keep the applet compiler/interpreter for error checking, but have the machine code compiler for actual distribution of compiled programs.

2) Fix speed issues. I know I've complained about this, but comparing V2 with V3, V2 is 3x faster.

3) Extended DLL support. Guy suggested this a few months ago and it would be really beneficial. One reason I ask about this is because I was planning on using FMOD (sound system) for some games I plan on making, but in order to use it, I would need a way to access the functions through PocketC, since my iPAQ is all I will have for a while.

Please think these suggestions over, and maybe work them in. thx