Wishlist (updated with more wishes)

Postby guy on Tue Jan 02, 2001 11:09 am

1. An atexit() function which takes as a parameter the function to call immediately before an app exits, either from the X button, from the menu, or from a call to quit().

2. Support for the CE command bar functions. Support for the PocketPC equivalents.

3. Delivery of WM_NOTIFY messages to the app, either as PM_COMMAND events, or as a new PM_NOTIFY event.

4. A variant of sendmsg to which you can pass the address of a struct. Should be able to send and recive values in the struct.

5. Suppport for accessing fields in a struct when you have a pointer to it (-> syntax).

6. Access to font handles and a wrapper around the font common dialogue.

7. An extended form of createctrl() that includes a parent control ID parameter.
*-- KC: 1/19/2001 Added createctrl1()--*

8. Function to translate a control ID to a real Window handle, and a Window handle to a control ID.

9. A way to set the device context for drawing operations.

10. A way of finding out the state of the ALT key on the keyboard.

11. A way of finding out the state of the Popup keyboard. Needed to size windows. An event when the state changes.

12. A way to set the line drawing mode to XOR.

13. An interface to the full Windows messaging subsystem.

14. A simple function to call an entry point in a DLL with parameter conversions on the way there and back. I know that there is something that does this for DLLs written to be called from PocketC, but I'm looking for a general method that doesn't require an intermediate PocketC aware DLL or a COM object. This avoids packaging lots of interface DLLs compiled for every platform.

15. An interface to SetWindowLong().

More later... <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>


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