Beaming programs within Pocket C itself

Postby BrianGR on Mon Apr 15, 2002 6:03 pm

I create small programs for my users to share at work. They just have the run-time version of Pocket C installed. When I beam them my programs, I have to use 3rd party utilities like beambox, filez, etc to get my .pdb programs to them.

They aren't too technically savvy, and have to come to me all the time to get the programs beamed to them since they aren't comfortable with using beambox, etc.

I could just email it to them and have them hot-sync, but I'd love to see a way to be able to highlight a program, and then just beam it to others from within the Pocket C runtime module or compiler version.

What usually happens is that they will beam the runtime to others expecting my programs to go along with them and are puzzled why nothing shows up other than Pocket C itself. <laugh>

Maybe from within the pocket C menu, or a perhaps a button along the bottom to start a beam would be great.

My programs really don't warrant stand-alone usage or Icons, so I prefer to execute them from within Pocket C. Beaming without a 3rd-party helper would be great.

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