Stub applications creation on-palm?

Postby shlaf on Wed Mar 28, 2001 3:55 pm

I believe it would be handy to have the functionality of BuildPRC built-in into the PocketC on-board compiler. The LispMe (the Scheme language interpreter) for PalmOS has this ability - there, you just check a checkbox beside the name of the script in the list view and the stub application is automatically added; it has icons resembling those of the interpreter app., slightly modified and the name of the stub app. is identical to the name of the script, or "session" for which it is created. The same would be handy to have in PocketC - in the applet list, pick an applet and have instantly a stub application launching that applet from the Launcher.
This would help to those of us who like myself don't work on Windows machines and especially to those who are ready and prefer to do all the development on-board the Palm.

-- Yaakov
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Postby shlaf on Wed May 23, 2001 2:12 pm

I'd like to reiterate my request: since I don't use Windows machine as a desktop, I'd like to have ability to create stubs apps on-board Palm. This is what is implemented in LispMe and I believe same might be done in PocketC.
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Postby BobHarris on Mon Aug 20, 2001 12:32 pm

I would like to second the request to have
the BuildPRC capabilities available on the
Palm (separate utility, or part of PocketC).

What I have enjoyed most about PocketC is
the ability to do everything on my Palm
(Handspring Visor). Having to involve
another computer takes away from the

Besides, I do not have a PC. I have a
Mac running Mac OS X (and a few Macs running
Mac OS 9.1, a Tru64 UNIX workstation; but
no PC's).

Bob Harris
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Postby meat_boy7 on Sun Nov 11, 2001 3:17 am

I agree. Macs should be supported 100%. After all, it is a superior platform. :) I am very lucky to have both a Mac and PC so I can use BuildPRC but my Palm is connected to my Mac.
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