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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 9:40 pm
by Aqua32

Im compiling a prc using the commandline (actually through a text editor.. I have tried putting what I *want* the output file to be called but no matter what I put, its always "out.prc"...

Could you make a command line option so the prc can have a filename of my choosing instead of "out.prc"?

Thanks much..

Why am I using a text editor? Architect keeps crashing if it encounters a certain error..

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2006 6:12 am
by dewey
Can you be more specific about the crash? I'd like to fix that.

Sorry about this - that was an oversight. The internal version of oc.exe we use here does support this, so I hadn't noticed that it was missing. I'll update that soon.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2006 3:45 pm
by Aqua32
Okay, that would be super (definable output file).

I haven't been able to pinoint it yet but I can explain what I was doing some times..

MOST times its RIGHT after the compiler says theres an error with my code. A message box pops up and tells me about it, I click OK, and boom.

One time it was when I was hilighting a bit of text to copy..

Like I said, I can't pinpoint it but if I do, Ill list the steps to reproduce this problem...

Also, the reason I think it could be some sort of memory leak is because it doesn't happen right off the bat.. It takes about 20 minutes of actively writing, compiling, etc for this to happen.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 6:07 am
by dewey
Memory leaks don't cause crashes, so this is unlikely the problem. It is more likely to be the symbol parser, which provides the ability to do code completion and calltips. It runs in the background and during some editing operations.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 6:18 am
by dewey
Are you running XP? If so, I can give you instructions for giving me a minidump of the next crash you hit.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 9:28 pm
by Aqua32
Yeppers.. XP Pro SP2..

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:47 am
by dewey
1. Hit "Start | Run", and enter:
ntsd /gG "c:\program files\pocketc architect\architect.exe"
This which launch the Windows debugger window.
2. Do stuff in the app until it crashes, which will cause it to break into the Windows debugger.
3. In the debugger window, type:
.dump /mf c:\dump.dmp
4. Type "q" to exit the debugger.
5. Send me the c:\dump.dmp file.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 3:15 am
by Aqua32
Its 38MB! Do you still want it? Or are there some other options I might use to shorten it or something.. (13MB Zipped) (38MB Unzipped)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:00 pm
by dewey
Thanks. I'll take a look at it.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 2:26 pm
by dewey
I no longer have the debug symbols to match the build of Architect you are using. Please email me directly (dewey@orbworks) so that we can resolve this.