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Postby gganio on Fri Feb 09, 2001 2:38 am

<P ALIGN="CENTER">Win CE Button Tiggered v 1.00Beta (Jan/15/2001)</P>

<FONT SIZE=5><P>Introduction</P>
</B></FONT><P>Laptimer that runs on Win CE Palmheld machines. It has been written with PocketC of (<A HREF="http://www.orbworks.com/">www.orbworks.com</A>).<br>
It is of very simple use. It features, big digits, remote button control (with external cable), Lap Time Log file downloadable to your PC.
I am still testing it, but is should work with several WinCE and PocketPC Palm Held machines.It has not yet been tested on the track therefore it is a Beta version.</P>

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Current_Features">Feature</A> List</P>

<LI>Resolution 1/100 sec</LI>
<LI>Screen and remote button triggering(two different codes)</LI>
<LI>Big Digits </LI>
<LI>Max Lap Time (TBD)</LI>
<LI>Min Lap Time (2 sec)</LI>
<LI>Max Number of laps (99)</LI>
<LI>Best LapTime displayed</LI>
<LI>Lap Times saved as WinCE txt files, downloadable to PC</LI>
<LI>Image Background</LI>
<LI>Reusable code for personal modifications</LI>
<LI>Backlight possibility for night use</LI>
<LI>On Vehicle use possible</LI>

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="History">History</A></P></B></FONT>

<P>v1.00Beta WinCE Button Triggered 1/15/2001</TD>
<P>Initial Release</TD>

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Files">Files</A></P></B></FONT>

Button Triggered: PcceLaTiButton1Beta.zip:<br>
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/pccebuttondownload.html">
Download here PcceLaTiButton1Beta.zip</A>
PcceLaTiButton1Beta.pc=PocketC WinCE Laptimer v.1.Beta Source<br>
PcceLaTiButton1Beta.app=PocketC WinCE Laptimer v.1.Beta Compiled<br>
Ascii_PcceLaTiButton1Beta.pc=Ascii PocketC WinCE Laptimer v.1.Beta Source<br>
PcceLaTiButton1BetaReadme.txt = This file<br>
pcheader.h = PocketC WinCE header file<br>

contains the .bmp and .jpg files to build digits and skins for PocketC Laptimer developing

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="File Installation">File Installation</A></P>

Download and install PocketC Runtime in your WinCE/PocketPC machine.
PocketC winCE runtime is available at http:\\www.orbworks.com.<br>
(from PcceLaTiButton1Beta.zip)<br>
Copy and paste<br>
PcceLaTiButton1Beta.app to the My Documents folder of you WinCE machine.

Additionally, if you want modify this software you will need:
to install PocketC WinCE Device Version V 2.0 <br>
available from <A HREF="http://www.orbworks.com/">
(from PcceLaTiButton1Beta.zip) you need to install also:<br>
the corresponding pcheader.h<br>

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Operation">Operation</A></P>
At the Programs menu call up PocketC Runtime.<br>
Double click on PcceLaTiButton1Beta.
When you want to measure the elapsed lap time push the button.
The lap time data will be saved at the indicated file in My Documet area of you Palm PC.<br>
The Remote button is done thru the serial port by conneting DE9.7 to DE9.6.
This feature has been so far tested only on a Philips Nino 300 (1/15/2001).
The following pictures will further explain how to operate this software:<br>
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/capt2.gif" BORDER=0>
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/capt3.gif" BORDER=0>
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/capt4.gif" BORDER=0>
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/capt5.gif" BORDER=0>
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/capt6.gif" BORDER=0>


<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="System Hardware">System Hardware</A></P>

The following picture is example of te hardware for onboard use of the WinCE machine for Lap Timing:
<IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo/PalmCELapTimer/PoPCCE/ButtonTrig/pccelatibutton.jpg" BORDER=0>
During Onboard use, I have been putting my PDA machine into one of these boxes:<br>
<A HREF="http://www.otterbox.com/">
<IMG SRC="http://www.otterbox.com/images/2000.jpg" BORDER=0> </A>
<A HREF="http://www.smartcart.com/diving/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=otter">Buy them here</A><br>
It is possible to buy cost effectively Palm Pilots or PocketPC machines and their Serial Cables at any Internet Auction. Here a link for two of them: <A HREF="http://list.auctions.yahoo.com/23557-category.html?alocale=1us&acc=us">
Yahoo Auctions US</A>
<A HREF="http://list.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/23557-category.html?alocale=0jp">
Yahoo Auctions Japan</A>

The Nino300 Serial port Connector:<br>
The Remote button is done thru the serial port by conneting DE9.7 to DE9.6.
Each WinCE machine has its own serial cable.<br>
A good source for these cables are the internet Auctions.

To trigger remotely the Nino it is possible to find additional information at:
<a href ="">
Philips Nino Web Site</a> page.

<B><FONT SIZE=3><P><A NAME="System Weights">System Weights</A></P>
Nino300= 200 g
Nino sync Cable = TBD
Sub D 9 connector and button = 40 g
Otter box 2000 series = TBD g


<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Limitations">Limitations</A></P>
<P>So far not yet tested on vehicle.<br>
Off board testing has been done only on a Nino300.<br>
The time display doesn't flow with the time. It simply displays the last measured laptime and the current best laptime.
Current remote triggering is with a button. I have not yet developed, or found a way to trigger the LapTimer remotely from an off board source.<br>
The time data log is messy due o the fact that carriage return "\r" doesn't work. Also new line "\n" doesn't work.
These are PocketC V.2 bugs.Feb/2/2001, they have suggested me a fix for this problem, see PocketC bugs forum.

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Future Developments">Future Developments</A></P>
Test it on my go-karts.<br>
I plan to figure out a way to trigger with an outboard source the laptimer.
In the far future I hope to go as far as doing some data logging.

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="legal_stuff">Legal Stuff</A>

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Special_Thanks">Special Thanks</A></P></FONT></B>

Special thanks to <A HREF="http://www.oohito.com/">CaptCE</A>
,screen capture software.<br>

<B><FONT SIZE=5><P><A NAME="Contact_Info">Contact Information</A></P>
</B></FONT><P>Please direct any bugs, suggestions, or feedback to <a href="mailto:gganio.geo@yahoo.com">gganio.geo@yahoo.com.</a><br>
See also my web site:<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo">http://www.geocities.com/gganio.geo</A><br>

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