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Postby djeaux on Mon Oct 14, 2002 11:15 pm

Bull Bingo is a game based on the email game/joke that circulated a while back. When a speaker uses a cliche (like win-win, synergy, leverage, you-get-the-picture), you pick it from a list & blacken out a bingo card.

Free at http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?productId=40287

An alternate word list can be set up in Memo Pad & substituted for the built-in "BS list", allowing you to custom tailor the game for your boss, teacher, or speech class. The "use memo" function requires an activation code, which you can get for free at http://www.djeaux.com



In the Palm of some fool's hand.
- Bob Dylan
In the Palm of some fool's hand.
- Bob Dylan
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