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Postby chan on Sun Nov 17, 2002 11:30 am

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Test the power and steadiness of your hand as you sneak through traps, pitfalls and obstacles and conquer dungeon after dungeon, in search for gold and glory.
Silent Ngiap is a game in which you control a dot (you) on the screen using your stylus, and try to move it to the goal on the screen, which is a diamond and back to the exit of the dungeon, which is a picture of a door. If you come into contact with the walls or any obstacles on the level (any portion of the level which is not white in colour), you lose.

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Features</font id="Comic Sans MS">
-Addictive and engaging gameplay with a timer to ensure frantic action
-45 standard levels and 18 beginner level levels to take you through the basics
-Colourful cutscenes
-Maze generator to generate mazes ensuring virtually unlimited replayibility
-Three level packs, Standard, Beginner and the Maze Generator
-Two game modes, time trial mode and a Story mode with a engaging plot and interesting story.

Please download at: ... atformId=1
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