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Postby winthrom on Wed Mar 17, 2004 6:58 pm

To all:

I am a pilot (real airplane). During training, one task that I had to learn was how to locate my position, in the air. When I learned this task, there was no GPS. I now have a GPS, and it usually works well. Once in a while it does not work due to radio inteferance, poor signal, insufficient satellite visibility, etc. Regardless of GPS, all new pilots must learn radio navigation to get a licanse, especially an instrument flight rules (IFR)license.

There is a network (world wide) of navigation radio aids. This program uses the readings, from commonly used aircraft equipment, to locate the airplane's position. The most common radio aid is called very high frequency omni range (VOR). The military version is called VORTAC. There are other navaids, but VOR is the most universal and common because it is certified for IFR.

The main purpose of this program is to compute (find) the intercepts of OBS readings (Navigational Radio) from two different VOR/VORTAC sites as read from a single aircraft in flight. This is the same as plotting the intercepts on a flight chart with a ruler and pencil. This should be fun to use with a flight simulator.
When it is totally debugged, it may be useful in real flight. BUT NOT NOW!!!!

The source code is under the GNU Public License. I will incorporate contributed upgrades (if that even happens). Contributors get to put their name (and contribution description) in the versioning notice, "Readme.1st", document.

Upgrades I would like to see:
1. Automatically include Airports in maps
2. Automatically include cities in maps
3. Automatically include nearby VORs, get their frequency (call letters and morse code ID) from database by selecting from menu.
4. Geography in maps!!

I can be reached at mwinthrop@comcast.net
source code and working version are found at: http://www.handango.com
search for "1speed-distance"
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