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Postby bsimser on Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:26 pm

Hi guys,

First off, I'm VERY impressed with the OrbForms demo. I've been working with most of the other IDEs out there and frankly, they're just too cumbersome and complicated for simple app development. Falch had the closest thing to an event driven approach, but then they went from free to $$$ overnight. Understandable. Everyone has to make a buck or two. OrbForms compared with the others however seems to shine in price and usability. I believe it's pretty young and there's a lot more that could be there (like table support, etc.) but give it time. I'm hoping the price doesn't skyrocket because of the new features though. At under $100 it's affordable for free product development, but if it had a few more features and this jacked the price up it would put it up among the other products (AppForge, etc.) and at that point it would be hard to lay out $150 or $200 for such a product. Don't get me wrong, I think the approach is great and it's simple to use, even for an old hac like myself who was brought up on CodeWarrior (blech!). I'd be interested in knowing what the pricing model is like and where the product is going?

Also, I've only started evaluating the demo version but find it lacking a few key features (no, not tables but that needs to be added at some point). For example, I found it hard to try to do a simple sprintf statement (trying to load up a stringlist from a database with multiple columns and setting it into a list). Maybe there's a few ways to do something like this, but I see it as one of those base features that need to be there. Otherwise, you have to scratch your head for awhile and jump through hoops to get otherwise simple tasks done.

In any case, it's a good product and looks like it has a lot of potential. I'm especially looking to seeing a lot more examples or tutorials on how to do different things (like writing a game using double buffering or something) with it.

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