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Postby Simon G on Sat Feb 15, 2003 7:56 am

I have recently purchased OrbForms to evaluate it for more serious development (my experience is SQL Server, Sybase, C, Powerbuilder, Java + VB).

My impressions of the OrbForms development environment having evaluated NSBasic, Satellite Forms, CASL, AppForge, Pendragon etc is that it has the best fit for my way of working. The language implementation is good (nice to have private methods and properties in the objects), the dev IDE is good (nice to have sizing on top of alignment for controls, line #s) and the available native controls are good (native Grid/Table please as the user implementations are far too slow for serious use). DB functions are good (native sort please and what about a key find or have I missed something).

I need to convert a relational prototype for Palm OS developed using Smartlist to go. One of my options was to use say AppForge with Sybase's IanyWhere Ultralite component as I have knowledge of SqlAnywhere.

I understand that James Dewey is working on improvements to the database. I presume this is working with the Palm PDB format. Would it be useful to develop an API around a control like Ultralite (which is free from Sybase's site) to allow relational development. If not any thoughts on how I might implement this.
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