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Postby Cyplesma on Sun Oct 09, 2005 3:22 am

Hello All,

I need to beam a pdb file to a computer/laptop with the infared port on my PDA, (Tungsten E). I did see some other topic about using IrComm, is this want I need to use?

Any sample code available?

I got my OrbWorks app almost finished, with this ir feature being the only thing left I need to include.

I'd rather not have a user go search through the files to beam it to the laptop, I'd rather they beam the portion of the database they need to send. I have one pdb file that contains all the user's records. I want just what's going to be sent (subset of records), which I plan on creating a pdb file just for the data their going to send. but... I just need to know how to send it via the Ir port. I understand there other other methods but I don't want to use them if I can use the Ir port for this feature.

I may need to add hotsyncing the whole pdb file later but I think I can make that happen via VB6, or VBA. by referencing the right dlls.

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