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Postby dlinder on Wed Nov 16, 2005 1:54 pm

I have a couple of things happening in my program that I don't understand.

1) In one place, when I try to get the first record
db.getrec(0, rec, true), it returns the last record. If I do the following:
-open the database
-get the first record
-close the database
-reopen it the database
-get the first record

I get the first record.

2) I am producing a report that reads every record in the database.
If I go to that form first. It works fine. If I go to another form that uses that database, then go to the report, I get a "non word aligned handle".
The form is standard (not modal) and I close the db in every function and handler that opens it.

#2 is not happening anymore. I'm still curious as to why it might have been though.
Anyone have any ideas?
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