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PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 12:31 pm
by FrankG
I downloaded PCA to try. I have Pocket C 7 installed. I ran the PCA HTML guide through iSiloX to create an on board version of the PCA document.

(Side note: the document seems to have three unresolved links to tapinotes.html, ttypestrings.html, and tformscontrols.html.)

After installing the doc on my LifeDrive, creating a test app, and running a compile or two, the iSilo PCA document file gets deleted. It's happened a couple of times. I don't know which of PocketC, PCA, iSilo, or Docs To Go (8) is deleting it but it's going somewhere. I checked RAM and external memory and it's nowhere.

Test app I was playing with was TestPCA with an id of MyAp. The doc file is simply named PocketCArchitect.pdb. I was using DTG to edit my program as a PDOC file (not very successfully.)

Just thought I'd mention it....