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Postby Ping on Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:49 pm

I am making an application quite similar to "Ham Radio Reference" by J. Lauben http://www.qsl.net/kb7avt/.

The application is a place to look up various abbreviations, codes and signals.

I am trying to come up with an elegant (and easy) way to store and display the text. Some text will be line oriented, while some text should "flow". Some text is to be edited (stored in/read from a database) and some is not (strings, constants or inline code).

I would very much like suggestions

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Postby mgreen on Sat Jan 28, 2006 7:06 pm

So much depends on what you want to actually do with each "pool" of text. Some text you'll want to keep in string resources in your application database so it's not actually in your application. That way you can change it without recompiling using a resource editor, but it's relatively fixed. You might want a separate program that reads in a text file (PDOC) and builds the initial database, even modifying some of the string resources in your application database if you want. The text file might have keys in it and this constructor could convert the keys to a record number for the lines or sections of text and the constructor could write out the keys in record order as the first record in the database so your program could look them up quickly. For line oriented text, use one line per record in the database. For "flow" text, it depends on the maximum length of the text. If it's reasonably small (maybe < 4096 bytes), you could put a "flow" text in one database record. If not, you'll need to split it up.

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