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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 12:23 pm
by jerver
Address.oc does not function properly in Orbforms 4. I solved this by changing "pstr = (string*)&addr;" into "pstr = &addr.lastName;". With this modification the utilcode address.oc works well.

Now I need to access the datebookDB. Therefore I wondered if someone has made a utilcode or native add-in for writing to and reading from Datebook.DB. A start or suggestions are welcome as well.


PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:35 pm
by mlambrigger
I've tried to do something, but it's quite complicated. At the moment I have those data on the problem:

Code: Select all
ApptDateTimeType   when;
  TimeType   startTime;   // Time the appointment starts
    uint16_t   hours     :8;   
    uint16_t   minutes :8;   
  TimeType   endTime;   // Time the appointment ends
    uint16_t   hours     :8;   
    uint16_t   minutes :8;   
  DateType   date;   // date of appointment
    uint16_t   year  :7;   // years since 1904 (MAC format)
    uint16_t   month :4;   
    uint16_t   day   :5;
  Boolean   midnightWrapped;   // true if the event is     wrapped around midnight
  Boolean    noTimeEvent;   // true if the event is an untimed one
  char   timeZoneName[TZNAME_MAX];   // Appointment Time Zone
  AlarmInfoType      alarm;
    int8_t   advance;   
    Alarm advance (-1 = no alarm)
  AlarmUnitType   advanceUnit;
    0: minutes,
    1: hours,
    2: days
  RepeatInfoType      repeat;
    RepeatType   repeatType;   
      0: repeatNone,
      1: daily,
      2: weekly,
      3: monthlyByDay,
      4: monthlyByDate
      5: annualyByDate
    uint8_t   repeatFrequency;   // i.e. every 2 days if    repeatType daily
    DateType   repeatEndDate;   // minus one if forever
    uint16_t   year  :7;   // years since 1904 (MAC format)
    uint16_t   month :4;
    uint16_t   day   :5;
    uint8_t   repeatOn;   // monthlyByDay and repeatWeekly only
    uint8_t   repeatStartOfWeek;   // repeatWeekly only
  ExceptionsListType   exceptions;
    uint32_t    numExceptions;
    DateType *   exceptionsDatesP;
  char *   description;   // description
  char *   location;      // location if present
  char *   note;         // note

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Defined on the palm simulator 5.4. The version 6 is completly different.

So good luck.

Marc Lambrigger