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Postby dmrey73 on Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:13 pm

I'm contemplating purchasing PCA - and don't know if it would be foolish to buy the Palm OS version to create a small data collecting program. Is it harder to debug and code on the Palm. Obviously - I have no keyboard - so it will take more time to enter code ... but does the $10 difference justify the cost in time?

Anyone here code with the Palm OS version only? What are your feelings?

Anyone with both Palm and PC versions? What do you think?

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Postby RWB on Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:58 pm

8) The PalmOs version of PocketC Architect is great.
I code both on my Palm with PocketC Architect and on the PC with PocketC Architect Desktop and I'm very pleased with it.
It's easy to code with the Palm pda/Treo.
The GUI objects is great and it's nearly like coding in Windows etc.I feel free to be able to code everywhere ex:In the library,in the bath,on the beach etc etc.I use "QED" for coding and "PCA" for compiling on the Palmpda.
Also, I use a db converter "QEX" to convert my ocp/oc files between the PC/Pda-Pda/PC and it works great. There is no alternative to PocketC Architect for the PPC that I can see, only the old PocketC for Wince!

"QED" is also a shareware that you can use for free, only with som nagscreens.
You can use the twinmode in "QED", when You code 2 files and that's great.
Buy a Palm and Pocketc Architect.
Download the Palmos emulator to the PC.
Download QED/QEX and start developing.
PCA Rules.
Very pleased reguser of PCA.8)

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Postby xaviersmork on Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:24 pm

I've tried both. On the go it is nice to have on your PDA, but easier to use on the computer. Much easier.
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Postby sangahm on Tue Dec 05, 2006 5:36 pm

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by xaviersmork</i>
<br />I've tried both. On the go it is nice to have on your PDA, but easier to use on the computer. Much easier.
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I would tend to agree. While I only have Designer, I did trial PCA and for small fixes it would be real nice, but for developing a full app it seemed that the lack of keyboard on my T3 would be tedious. But for $10, it seems to be a good value for on the go compiling as an addition to the desktop.
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