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Palm Photos API

Postby Percival on Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:57 pm

Would anyone be interested in using this library?
According to the documentation:
The database API provides users with the ability to:

* Get the list of albums.
* Create, delete and rename albums.
* Get the list of photos in each album.
* Add photos to albums.

The image manipulation API provides users with the ability to:

* Create and capture images and video clips.
* Read and write image data.
* Convert images to different formats.
* Display images.
* Scale, rotate and crop images.

It is only available on newer devices though. Centro™ and Treo™ smartphones (except Treo 600), LifeDrive™ mobile manager, Tungsten™ T5, Tungsten™ E, Tungsten™ E2, and Palm® T|X handhelds, Zire™ 31 and Zire™ 32 handhelds, Palm® Z22 organizer.

I am considering writing an addin for this library, but might be much work.
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