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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 11:24 pm
by jsaravana
I have created a sample database wizard. This wizard will create a sample database,prev_rec,next_rec and new_rec functions. It also creates a form with prev,next and new buttons which shows how to use the code.
More information read the readme.txt file.

you'll have to extract and copy the entire database folder in your \orbforms\projectwizard folder, and when you create new project you'll see database wizard along with other two basic and sample wizards.

you can download this and other files from the following location

hope you like it.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 3:21 pm
by c0d3m0nk3y
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This file cannot be found on your server. Maybe you should check that.

It sounds really good though.

Thanks for reading my message, Have a nice day!