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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2001 10:05 pm
by Velvis
Can someone explain what I need to do to use the Ccontrols package under the desktop compiler? I have included Ccontrols but it fails to compile saying it can find Ccontrols1 & 2. Both are available. After tweaking with file names, I am now getting an error "define requires ident"

I think I may be approaching it wrong.

Any tips?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2001 1:53 am
by stephane
Assuming you didn't modify the ccontrols files, all you need at the top of your main program file is

include "Ccontrols.c"

Also make sure all three ccontrols include files are in the same directory as the source to be compiled.

Just thought of something else: I remember trying to keep the include files in another directory than my source, and I wrote this:

include "..\libs\ccontrols.c"

Which caused problems because the '\' is an escape char when in quotes! <img src=icon_smile_blush.gif border=0 align=middle> So then I replaced them with '\\', which is fine, but... then it can't find ccontrols1 and 2, because <i>they're</i> not in the current directory, which means you also need to specify the full path in the "Ccontrols.c" file. All this to say, I put everything I need in the same subdirectory, leaving the filenames as they are, and everything's fine.

Works for me.. If you still have problems, post the top lines of your code, maybe we can find something. Let us know how it turns out! <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>


PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2001 2:11 am
by Velvis
I figured it out, one of the CControls includes was an empty txt file....