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PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2001 2:16 pm
by Moonlite
I'm new to PocketC, and I'm writing my first real program for it. However, when I run it, it says "Bytecode: Undefined opcode." I see nothing wrong with my code, and my dad says it's a compiler bug. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix it! (And I have narrowed it down to a specific place in the program.)

I'd appreciate any help!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2001 4:11 pm
by tclarke
Moonlite... have to be a little more specific... why not post the code that you feel is causing the error... also make sure you have 3.9 up and running... the error you refer can happen if you are running 3.8 and attempt certain functions...


PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2001 3:11 pm
by Moonlite
Oh, I fixed it. I was calling a function instead of a variable.