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PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2001 11:23 am
by Ben Horley
Hi there

I have just registered and am trying to use BuildPRC.

I do my development in the Windows Palm Desktop, synch to my Palm and compile.

How do I get the compiled app back to my PC so I can use BuildPRC.

Is the compiled app a Palm database that I can synch with BackupBuddy or do I have to do it any other way?

I also sometimes use the Palm emulator. I can use that to export a database to the PC. Can I just export the compiled app as a database name, then use BuildPRC? If so, what format should I save the database as, ie PRC, PDB, etc?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2001 2:40 pm
by slmiller
What you do is open the PocketC runtime on the device. Then select the app you want to send to your computer, and tap menu/applet/backup. Choose yes and the applet will be backed up onto your computer into the palm\usrname folder. I don't remember the exact sub folder, so just do a find on that folder to find the exact backup.

Hope this helps.

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