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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2001 8:09 am
by Thad
PocketIFS v0.3d is now available from: ... rodID=3995

PocketIFS is an open source IFS fractal designer/viewer written in PocketC for the PalmOS.

The thrust of v0.3d is a performance update, rendering is now aprox 25% faster. The source code now includes a resuable performance monitor, and the fixed depth plotter, which was broken under PocketC v3.92 is now fixed.

Could be of interest to programmers learning about structured programming, medium to large scale development with PocketC or fractals.



PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 7:41 pm
by John Leavenworth

I am trying up alter your sourcecode for PocketIFS to run in the PocketCArchitect (Demo)on my lapotp.

In your file "pocketifs_i.i", you assign the ifs=NewIFS(s,t). This effectively assigns the 'ifs' pointer to 2 pointers, s and t (in the function 'newifs' in the file "ifs_i.i"). PocketCArchitect doesn't want to compile that. I gives an error that 'an expression is required' when actually doing this assignment. I've read throug the documentation in PocketCArchitect, but it doesn't tell me how to fix this problem.

Would you be good enough to respond?