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Postby sanjayk on Mon Dec 22, 2003 7:54 am

I am evaluating Pocket C. Is the book purchase really necessary? I can't find any "getting started" type user guide that the book seems to address. How am I supposed to evaluate this? Thanks.
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Postby cable_guy_67 on Mon Dec 22, 2003 10:19 am

If you are referring to the book "Palm Programming for the Absolute Beginner" than I have a few comments.

1) It is relatively out of date. It was printed in 2001 and the versions of the software were at 4.0.3 for PocketC (now at 6.1.0) and 6.01 for PtoolBox (now at 7.61). I think Ccontrols is still at the same version (I may be wrong since I don't use it) so the examples may still be OK.

2) If you are good with reading the docs from the programs discussed and don't need the examples on how to go from 0 to working then the book will most likely be unnecessary. If you have very little programming experience the book will be a godsend. It deals with PocketC's derivation of C and will have you feeling confident enough to be under way in no time. I had very little knowlege of C programming only having dealt with Basic, Arexx and Forth before finding PocketC and the book really helped a lot.

3) Do a search here for 'tutorials' and you will be able to find info on places that do have help for getting started in pocketc. For more info on general usage I got an ANSI C book from the local library and used the two in conjunction. It was helpful in understanding the language itself.

Hope this was helpful in some way. BTW, I got the book through a used reseller on Amazon for about $15 US and it came in the shrinkwrap with the cd so you might want to look at that route since it is an 'older' book. ;)

Happy Holidays.

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Postby g.palandri on Sun Dec 28, 2003 8:13 pm

Hi, you can take a look to a source program I recently released; you can use it as a guide. It uses CControls and shows a lot of PocketC howtos (interface, files handling, and so on).

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Postby md10bldr on Mon Jan 05, 2004 5:59 pm

Where is the source code you mentioned located?
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