Hi-Res (again!) bitmaps OnBoard ?

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Postby gmigueis on Fri Mar 19, 2004 6:07 pm

How do I use and create Hi-Res bitmaps onboard without PToolboxLib?
Can I use PocketC's 6.5.1 built in openResourceBitmap (more or less :) to draw Hi-Res bitmaps? How do I create these bitmap resources onboard? RsrcEdit only goes 160x160 and so does artBmp. I could use four, but... Also, TealPaint would be great as I could upload the images to the Desktop and mix them in the PRC with PDE! Help? (I guess.)

Many thanks in advance,

Guilherme Migu?ɬ©is (Palm Zire -> Palm T|T3)
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