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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 1:50 am
by wjmal
In my restaurant "Wait" program, all orders go into a database. The database is displayed through a Ccontrols, Ceditor table DB. I also have Ptoolbox Library installed.

This works well for the first order. A typical shift is 30 orders.
My database is "shiftOrdDB". My DB table is "tblCheck". The first order, shown in tblCheck, is in its own window, and is now in the database.
But the order is open and may need to be added to or edited.

In the meantime another customer wants to order. If I use the same table, it will be combined with the first order. I need to keep the orders separate as long as they are open. Once the orders are closed and paid, they can all combine in my one database.

So I thought maybe an array of Ceditor handles (tblCheck[30]), with an array variable of "o". It actually compiles, but the table won't display.


It's not the Ccontrols DB Table, it's the Pocket C database. How do I divide the database into headings and subheadings?

My problem is I need to see each order separately, like a waiter would see a separate page in their guestcheck pamphlet. I need a particular clump (group) of records from the database, and they may not be in order by record number if I have to add, make changes, or delete records. Andy Harris shows me how to search for and find a particular record, but not how to pull up a particular group of records. What must I do to make separate sections in one database?

Much obliged in advance for suggestions,

Bill Mallory

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 11:25 pm
by dewey
A Palm database is divided into records. You can put anything you want into the records, so you will likely need to invent a data format to put in each one. Perhaps one record would represent a heading and contain several subheadings. (I have no idea what a heading/subheading means to use, so this advice may not make any sense).