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Postby jp68 on Wed Apr 06, 2005 9:04 pm

Can't get the compiler to work. Have gone through a series of error messages starting with can't find the methods and controls files to now getting syntax errors in a CEditor generated file.

In another forum I wrote: "I have written several programs using the CEditor to create the code for my GUI. When I compile the programs on my handheld I have no problems, they work perfectly. When I transfer the code to my PDE and try to compile I get all kinds of error messages, the latest being that the computer can't find my controls and methods files. Is their a tutorial or some other instructional info that can walk me through compiling on the PDE when using multiple sub programs."

It appears that by some miricle unknown to me I have jumped beyond the "can't locate file" to now having syntax errors in the controls file. This is weird because the CEditor program generates the whole file.

Here is the code from the controls section of my code The error message is in line 3 right after the "Chandle" term in the variable SpanLBL

/$ PointLoad controls (CEditor)
include "Ccontrols.c"
Chandle SpanLBL, Span, SpanUnits, aLBL, aDist, aDistUnits, PointLoadLBL, PointLoad, PointLoadUnits, ModulusElastLBL, ModulusElast, ModulusElastUnits, MomentInert, MomentInertia, MomentInertUnits, QueryDistLBL, QueryDist, QueryDistUnits, CalcButton, QuitButton;

//Here is my main program module

// PointLoad main (CEditor)

@cid "PtLd";
@name "Point Load";
@dbname "ApplicationDB";
@ver "1.0";
@licon1 "large1.bmp";
@sicon1 "small1.bmp";

//function prototype


//Define Global Variables

float L;
float a;
float b;
float P;
float E;
float I;
float x;
float Moment;
float Momentx;
float ShearL;
float ShearR;
float Delta;
float Deltax;
float DeltaMax;

//Include auto-created files

include "PointLoad controls (CEditor).pc"
include "PointLoad methods (CEditor).pc"

title("Simple Beam Point Load");

}//end main
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Postby dewey on Fri Apr 15, 2005 2:59 pm

I don't see any problems with the code that you have shared. What error is the compiler giving?

If you send the whole project to me (dewey@orbworks), I can try to compile it here and see what the problem is.
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