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Postby jstadolnik on Mon Dec 18, 2000 3:42 am

Version 5.30 of the Pocket Toolbox Library is now available here:

New Features Include:
<ul><li>Added InPoly() - a point-in-polygon function</li>
<li>Added HeapSize() - for determining available heap memory</li>
<li>Updated lines() - now supports (x,y)offsets</li>
<li>Updated Array() - int, char, & floats are now defaulted to zero</li>
<li>Updated CopyRect() - can now specify destination buffer</li>


Joe Stadolnik

Pocket Toolbox Library Feature Overview
<ul><li>Fast resource bitmaps (drawing & saving)</li>
<li>2 & 4 bit grayscale and color graphics. (PocketC built-in functions, bitmaps, and pixel drawing)</li>
<li>Low level IR communications</li>
<li>Custom font importing</li>
<li>A copy rectangle function with mode (OR,AND,XOR,etc), zooming, and rotate capabilities</li>
<li>Saving and restoring the screen to and from databases</li>
<li>Masked and transparent bitmaps</li>
<li>Bitmap collision detection functions</li>
<li>Triangle, ellipse, polygon, arc, multi-line, and polar/Cartesian plotting functions</li>
<li>A floodfill function</li>
<li>Custom fill patterns for rectangles, lines, ellipses, triangles, and floodfill.</li>
<li>Scrolling graphics</li>
<li>Get/set pixel functions</li>
<li>A tone function with volume and blocking/non-blocking parameters.</li>
<li>A multi-dimensional array and structure emulation function.</li>
<li>Hardkey checking and downkey event disable functions</li>
<li>Pseudo-random number generation (including a weighted random function)</li>
<li>A fast, general purpose maze generation function</li>
<li>Intersection functions (do shapes A and B cross? Is this point in this polygon?)</li>
<li>peek & poke functions for direct processor register access.</li>
<li>Backlight control</li>
<li>Can get OS version, ticks per second, and volume preferences.</li></ul>
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