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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 10:39 pm
by Vigon
Every time I write some code I use several Palm devices to test it:
Currently I'm testing code in:

Palm IIIx PalmOS v.3.3
Palm IIIxe PalmOS v.4.1
Sony Clie SJ20 PalmOS v4.1
Tungsten E2 PalmOS v.5.4.7
Garmin IQue PalmOS v.5.2.1r1
SAMSUNG i500 PalmOS v.4.1

Usually develop estrategies to overcome some OS and hardware diferences:

Today found a problem with:
Code: Select all
textalign(11);   //centered vertical and horizontal
                 //and the use of:
textattr(7,0,0); //Large Bold [7] (OS 3.0+ only)

When is used in the Palm IIIx (PalmOS v.3.3) the vertical centering
dont work.
Any help?