Palmgraph or other graphing source available?

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Postby Velvis on Sat Apr 07, 2001 2:24 am

I am looking for some sample code for doing graphs in Pocket C. A great package was released called PalmGraph, but other than the demo, I cant seem to get any more info.

Does anyone know what happened to the programmer of Palmgraph? It was written with PocketC and used PocketGUI. You can still download the evaluation version (to make it a full version you need a code) but all links to the website are invalid including the emails. Weird thing is it all points to a sex website.

Anyways I would like to chat with the author or would like another package preferably with source code.
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Postby awschwab on Mon Apr 16, 2001 6:10 pm

You may want to look at the free PocketC programs posted by Jesus M. Castagnetto at ... pilot.html

These include 'Linear Regression (LReg) 1.0' and 'Histogram Plot (HPlot) 1.0'. They will make graphs using data stored in a memo in the proper format. Source code is included.
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