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Postby eftomi on Wed May 16, 2001 9:51 am

Some thouhts about Cedit control: when used in combination with other controls on a form, it seems that events are not handeled 'user friendly'.

I made a dialog box with Cedit, an OK button and a few other controls. If Cedit is in "edit" state (cursor is shown in it), OK button responds (and closes the form) <b>on the second tap</b>. Other controls behave in similar way (e.g. labels..).

I tested also two Cedit controls together (lets say Cedit1 and Cedit2). If you just activate Cedit1 (cursor is shown in it), but no text input, deletion or selection is made within it, the first tap on Cedit2 works properly (Cedit2 gets activated with cursor within). But - if some edition on text selection was made in Cedit1, the first tap on Cedit2 doesn't activate it, just 'closes' the Cedit1 (cursor is not shown anymore within it nor in Cedit2).

I hope that the above description is clear... The event loop I use is 'classic':

if(Cevent(hCbuttonOK,e)) [...] ;

My second thought is about 'shift' indicator - how to trap shift Graphitti move in Cedit to display an arrow bitmap? How to trap it in PocketC anyway..?

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Postby Power on Wed May 16, 2001 10:09 am

your obersavation is noted and will be looked into as soon as i finish the bitmap editor... it will be integrated to CEditor. it's almost finish, after that will create a sorta Multi-Line display popup (feature requested by Nick Yates). after investigating the popup code on this i could integrate this to the existing popup to handle this added feature. Nick hope your gonna be a bit patient, i have the bitmap editor done... am finalizing and making the code for saving routine to memo and loading routine. you'll get the first beta copy of the new version of CEditor for you to test the new features.

Copy of the new version CEditor will be given to stephane so that he can post this on if you wish to have a copy of beta version of CEditor before the final release version of it give me an email so that i will sent you a copy too.
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Postby stephane on Wed May 16, 2001 2:31 pm

This is a reply to eftomi, about the line edit behavior.

I don't have my docs with me a the moment, so I can't be too specific, but the event loop has to be modified, you can't use a "classic" loop.

If you look at the example applet for Cedit, with the 1.1 Ccontrols, you'll see an extra variable added, to check specifically for the problem you encountered.

That was my quick and easy solution to the problem, if anyone has a better approach, let me know.

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Postby eftomi on Wed May 16, 2001 5:10 pm

Thanks, stephane. Your solution works fine in my case. The event loop should be:

int CKeyStat = 0;

if(CKeyStat == 0) e=event(1);
else {
CKeyStat = 0;

if (Cevent(hOKButton,e)) {
else if (CKeyStat=Cevent(hCedit,e)) [...];
else if [...]

as documented in your example 'el_demo.c'.

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