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Postby slmiller on Thu Apr 26, 2001 2:21 pm

I also would like to see a demo app of the new stuff. However, what with finals and such, i haven't got the time either to work one out.

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Postby Power on Sat Apr 28, 2001 2:14 am

hi wolfgang

your suggestion will be noted. am working on optimizing the code first before any changes are made.but your suggestion is really good and should be included will keep you posted in this. thanks also for the insight that i'm using an old pocketc version. also please bear with me for the delays. ok

also someone suggested changing CControls into a library this is possible but can anybody tell me if codes that are ni a library will execute faster than the codes that are not ? just a thought.

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Postby jstadolnik on Mon Apr 30, 2001 2:01 am

A native libarary would most definitely be faster. My guess is that you'd see at least a two fold increase in speed, if not more.

The implementation will be tricky due to all the dynamic memory handling, but it can be done.

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Postby Power on Mon Apr 30, 2001 10:00 am

ok if that's the case then i'll make it into a library. just to let you know i made the following changes already on CEditor:

- code optimization (switch statement used)
- hard buttons now controled to avoid accidental exit (before exit will ask if you want to save form)
- new controls windows (form) handling instead of the popup (for easy addition of new controls)

will look into Stephanes codes for those new add-on control suggestion.

also suggestions for a menu option to SHOW all existing controls that are made during the work is also in progress. hopefully i could include this in the next most awaited release.

btw almost forgot to mention i have already made codes of CRC 32-bit for PocketC (codes are from my previous pascal programming days, i have translate it to PocketC codes but there is a certain limitation, still working on the limitation but the code is done already)

since the changes are so little, the release of a new version of CEditor & CControls will be delayed a little bit so that a more significant changes would justify a new version release.

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Postby Power on Tue May 01, 2001 1:43 am

i've check the changes to be made if codes are to be turned into library. it looks difficult anybody out there can assist me in this to explain certain thins to me on how to convert CControls into library modules plus it requires CodeWarrior which i dont have. compiling the library... will it work on the CodeWarrior free version ?
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Postby jstadolnik on Tue May 01, 2001 11:39 pm

You can use gcc/PilRC tools instead of codewarrior (It's what I use and it's free).

Do a search in this forum with the keyword "firepad", it will show a post with some native libarary links.

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Postby SyPDA on Fri May 04, 2001 4:45 am

Hi St?ɬ©phane!

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>
Anyone find any bugs with v1.1 yet?? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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The line edit control does not accept any foreign characters (e.g. german umlauts).

And it is not possible to highlight parts of the input text. Vilmos did post a control that could do this some time ago.

Will it be possible to integrate these two functions? :)
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Postby stephane on Fri May 04, 2001 12:14 pm

Hello all,

The line edit does not accept foreign characters, by design; the character set is limited to chars 32 through 127.
But.. why the heck did I do this?? I can't even remember. It has something to do with making sure only displayable chars were shown, but you can't enter any special chars using graffiti anyway. I'll remove this limitation in the release version.

The highlighting <i>is</i> implemented, no cut and paste though. If I did implement cut and paste, it would be limited to the current app, I'd need some kind of API call to use the system's clipboard. The stylus must be within the field boundaries when you start the tap and drag to highlight.

As for demo apps, I wanted to write one for the initial release, but just don't have enough time yet. Although, there are small example apps for the line edit, category and progress bar included with the 1.1 beta, that will compile fine if you add the new "@name", etc. directives. No big functionality, but it shows you what they look like.

Besides SyPDA's comments, I've received no other feedback on 1.1 beta, so either no one's tried it yet, or it's usable enough already. So, I should get the license straightened out soon, and will release 1.1 as it stands.


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Postby awschwab on Fri May 04, 2001 1:02 pm

I've not tested extensively, but CControls 1.1 works for my programs.
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Postby wolfgang on Fri May 04, 2001 2:28 pm

Hello Stephane,

I had not time to test if it works with other apps outside PocketC, but the PocketC documentation lists two functions:

clipget() - returns the current clipboard contents (if text).

clipset(string text) - sets the text clipboard contents.

Couldn't you use these two to implement copy/paste in your edit field?

And, BTW, entering special characters (like the German umlauts) is possible with Graffity.

Thanks for your efforts with CCOntrols!

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Postby swoge on Fri May 04, 2001 2:53 pm

What about different fonts on labels. I have made some changes on the (old) Ccontrols sources to do this. In the Cedit function in the Cet function (witch draws the text) i am using this extra parameter p[10] as font:
<pre id=code><font face=courier size=2 id=code>textattr(p[10],1,l); </font id=code></pre id=code>

It works for my special needs, but it isn't realy bullit proof.

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Postby Power on Sat May 05, 2001 10:47 pm

New CEditor version.. if you like a copy you can ask stephane for a copy. i've sent them to him so that he can post it on the tibonet site.

Here's the changes that i made so far...

- hard button capture will ask to save before exiting pocketC
- new handling of new controls using form rather than popup
- test failed on making the upper left corner screen as menu popup
dont know why it wont work... the entire upper side "freezes" from accepting
new taps from stylus. still checking this out and why.

i'm keep track of the wishlist. if you get a copy test these out and give me some feedback/comments
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Postby jstadolnik on Mon May 07, 2001 2:08 am

Here's a suggestion...

Ccontrols currently lacks the ability to draw, erase, hide, show, deactivate, and activate all objects at once. It would also be nice to have a Cevent-like function which checks all active objects in one fell swoop.

This could be implemented by creating a global linked list which contains a pointer to all the created objects. When a new object is created, it is added to this linked list, when an object is deleted, it's entry is removed from the linked list.

Any function which performs operations on "all" the objects could just access this linked list.

These standard "drawing" functions (Cdraw, Cerase, etc) could be made to do global operations if passed a null.

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Postby Power on Wed May 09, 2001 9:46 am

yes the link list is also my idea but am not sure how to implement a structure on pocketc. in my turbo pascal programming days it would be simply like this:

list of functions : pointer
item: pointer
prev link: pointer
next link: pointer

this is not actual code but the philosophy is there. can this same philosophy work on pocketc ?
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Postby jstadolnik on Thu May 10, 2001 1:26 am

I've posted a linked list example to the PalmOS knowledge base which may be of help.


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