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Postby nomar on Sat Apr 21, 2001 7:54 pm

Hi, everyone, I'm just starting working on AI, but I am lost. What should I start on and how should I start? Thanks.
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Postby wossname on Wed Apr 25, 2001 3:24 pm

Go get a copy of the book "Artificial Minds" by Stan Franklin, it's a tough read, but worth the insight.
Another book about this kinda thing (Genetic algorithms in particular) is "The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins.

I have recently tried (and failed!) to create a working model of Wilson's Animat (see the first book). Which is a great way to get into proper learning logic.

I think PocketC is a poor language to implement AI with, Visual Basic for the PC is better because you can use proper objects. Thats what I use for AI anyway.

Wossname :)
Wossname :)
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Postby nomar on Thu Apr 26, 2001 7:36 pm

I'll look into it
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