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Postby fjones on Thu May 17, 2001 6:44 pm

Hello Palm Programmers:
I will be developing a plug and play Springboard application and am considering PocketC tools. With plug and play, all necessary code resides on and is run from the flash on the Springboard. When the Springboard is plugged into the Visor, the program on it will be invoked.

Question 1.) Is this task feasible with PocketC? I know I will need a MakeRom tool.

Question 2.) If it is feasible, is Desktop PocketC or Palm-residing PocketC better?

Question 3.) I saw some sample code (LED test) done with CEditor. Can someone explain the distinction/relationship between "PocketC", "CEditor" and "Ccontrols"?

Question 4.) How do you create forms and controls on the Desktop?

Any help is much appreciated!!!!!!!!
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Postby markng on Fri May 18, 2001 8:31 pm


In case you didn't know there is a Springboard Development Kit that should help you with your design. This Kit includes the desktop version of PocketC and the native library required to drive the springboard IO.

Take a look at:

http://www.insight-electronics.com/solu ... board.html

To answer your questions:

1) It is quite possible to use PocketC for your springboard app. In fact, if you use the latest version of PocketC, which creates stand alone apps, you can create a .bin file using Palm-MakRom utility. Then program this .bin to your flash, and you are done. Your pocketc app will then reside and run on the flash.

2) The desktop version of PocketC will create these stand alone apps.

3) I wrote the LED Test code -- CControls is a PocketC program that generates PocketC skeleton code that can then be compiled using PocketC. So in order to create the User interface (buttons) I used CControls...

Take a look at the wealth of application notes that are currently located at:


Source code is also available.


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