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Postby obeckers on Mon Jan 08, 2001 6:53 am

Hey !

I have an idea, but not the capizities to do this job on my own ! So I post this message to get feedback !

My Idea is to write a development environment in VB or Access like MS Access to develop applications right on a winxxxx maschine.

I think it?Ǭ¥s possible to build an MS access database programm which converts the forms and table into pocketC code. So you could develop the graphics and forms in MS access which calls the Developer Editor to edit the code.

Does anyone agreee or has sone more ideas and could help me develop this ?

Best regards

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Postby Vilmos on Mon Jan 08, 2001 2:03 pm

I am sure your idea is possible, but this would not be a small project.

First off PalmOS databases are not relational databases so you would need to build that ability into your program.

Second your programmer(s) would also have to build in all the form features from whichever Ms app you used to port from. PocketC has no graphical user interface. Any buttons, list boxes etc have to be done manually. There are of course utilities for doing them but PocketC is not form based so the coding would have to go the extra mile.

The last point is that PocketC is pretty slow. If you want to go to the trouble of building forms and DB models is Access you are probably not doing this for a simple program and the overhead of a RDMS will probably work out to being very slow.

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Postby jstadolnik on Mon Jan 08, 2001 3:44 pm

Another way is to create a native library to access true Palm forms and tables.

The form and table resources would have to be put into an applet .prc. This way, PocketC serves as the high level glue logic for the more powerful, faster Palm OS form functions. Also, the native library can be put in the applet .prc, cutting down on the number of files needed for installation.

The hard part in the native library will be in handling form events in a generalizable way.

You can create forms with PilRC ( and can use a tool like par (
to add resources to a .prc file.

There is a visualization tool avilable with PilRC for viewing forms

There is however a problem I have found with the PocketC interface to native libraries, which is that string pointers cannot reliably be passed to a native library function. Unless, a solution to this is found, a list of strings cannot be passed to a native lib function... which make table forms a lost cause. :(

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