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Postby Thorsten Godau on Thu Aug 01, 2002 7:46 am

Hi all,

is there a actual documentation of PocketC
On the website there is a online doc in HTML,
but it is not possible to download it and it is
very uncomfortable to be always online to read
the docs.
It seems that the the POCKETCHELP.pdf at
(The hell knows, why it has a different layout and
is unreacheable through the regular site ;-))
doesn?Ǭ¥t include all the descriptions, the online
version has (e.g. imgload()...).


Thorsten Godau
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Postby wolfgang on Thu Aug 01, 2002 3:51 pm

There is a language description on the documentation section of the PocketC webpage. Then there is the built-in help in the device compiler/editor. You can take this file (a .htp file in the \Windows dirctory on your handheld), rename it to a .htm extension, and then view and print it with IE or Netscape (WindowsCE help files are basically just plain HTML files with one or two extras). I am sure there is a similar file in the desktop version (I only own the device compiler). For the very basics, look at the PocketC programming tutorial on my webpage http://www.pdamusician.com


Composing music on the PocketPC! - http://www.pdamusician.com
Composing music on the PocketPC! - http://www.pdamusician.com
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Postby C17driver on Fri Aug 02, 2002 12:44 am

Which is oustanding, IMHO.
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