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PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2002 4:43 pm
by guy
As everyone is aware, I completely froze work on all my PocketC projects several months ago because of lack of support from Kevin. Predictably I'm now releasing an update to the CE API library, even though the thing is supposed to be frozen.

See the news section of the CEAPI/PCForm forum (link in sig below) for details.

PocketC CE API interface:
PCForm and CE API forum:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2002 5:08 am
by ianf
Good on you Guy, "never give up, never surrender"

I think I've reached the stage where I don't even have full PocketC sources anymore so if & when a new version does turn up it won't be much use to me.

In the C++ world C# is now starting to get talked about so it looks like another learning curve on the horizon.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 6:45 pm
by ggg
Give up Guy ... i and many others gave up a long time ago.

Pocketc was the first and last "shareware" i bought :(